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5 Best Locking Gas Cap: Secured Gas Caps for Fuel Tanks

In my experience as a professional auto-mechanic, I have realized that the significance of the fuel tank gas cap in terms of securing it is regularly overlooked.

When it comes to keeping the car fuel system sealed, locking the fuel tank cap is a must. This helps to prevent gasoline vapors from coming into contact with the external environment, thus reducing air pollution. Therefore, after doing research, we chose the finest locking gas cap available.

The gas tank cap is a component in an emission control system that helps in trapping diesel and petrol fumes and emissions, keeping them enclosed in the vent rather than escaping to the outside. In addition, it helps in preventing any sparks or flame from occurring due to internal pressure or shock.

Modern cars have fuel doors pre-installed over the gas cap, which is also referred to as a “petrol tank cap cover”. Cars that do not have these fuel doors, however, can be susceptible to fuel theft. To combat this, the best locking fuel tank cap provides 100% protection against theft with a secure lockable mechanism.

Hard plastic is the preferred material for a high-grade gas cap, and it should also be straightforward to lock and open whenever needed. To assist you in deciding on the optimal locking gas cap for your car, this guide will be useful.

What should be inspected regarding the locking fuel tank cap?

To pick the most suitable lockable gas tank cap for your vehicle, consider these points:

System for Securing

A locking system is an apparatus designed to keep an object safe. It can be used to protect items from theft, tampering, or other unapproved access. The system can be as simple as a padlock, or it can be a complex electronic system with various levels of access and control. Locks can be used to prevent unauthorized entry into a building, as well as to secure items like laptops, jewelry, and other valuable items. Locking systems are widely used to protect people and property, and they are essential for ensuring safety and security.

The fuel tank cap is reliant upon an efficient locking system. It should be able to be operated with ease, both when locking and unlocking.

Ensure the fuel cap has an auto-locking feature that will secure it when placed on the gas tank. A definitive sound should be heard when the cap is properly secured. Now, most fuel caps come with valves at the edges to ensure a snug fit.


The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) should be the one to produce a gas tank lock due to their high-grade materials and high-level of protection they offer.

Verify whether the product is constructed with rugged plastic or not. This type of hard plastic is especially durable and won’t crack or become unsealed easily.

Essential Elements

Whenever you purchase a gas cap lock for your fuel tank, it would be wise to choose one that comes with a minimum of two keys. That way, if one is lost, you have the backup key to unlock it.

Tint & Design

Colors and style can be two very influential factors when it comes to fashion and home decor. A person’s choice of color and design can speak to their taste, and even reflect their unique personality. Whether it is a simple, classic look or something bold and daring, color and style can bring a room to life and make a statement.

When selecting a fuel tank lock, the color and style of the item should match that of the vehicle. Black is commonly used for these caps and typically fits the vehicle well.

In contrast, certain Jeep models have been created without a fuel door, leaving the exterior to be seen by everyone.


The pricing of something is an important factor to consider. Looking into the costs associated with a particular purchase is necessary in order to make an informed decision.

You can consider shelling out a few more dollars for a quality gas cap to be a worthwhile investment. This is because the higher price tag usually comes with greater durability and additional safety features, allowing you to protect your gasoline supply.

Rather than buying the low-cost gas caps, which are not of long-lasting quality and may have gaps in their filler threads, fuel theft and vandalism can be accomplished by criminals with ease.

We have conducted detailed reviews and identified the top-rated best locking fuel tank cap that takes all aspects into consideration.

Top Quality Locking Gas Cap

Stant 10504 Fuel Tank Cap with Lock Feature

The 10504 model from Stant is known for its outstanding longevity when it comes to fuel tank caps. The construction is made of a robust plastic that can withstand the test of time without any leakage of vapors. It has an OE pressure and emission control system that helps avoid the release of fuel vapors into the environment. In the case of an engine failure, the system also allows air to pass through and counter the situation.

The fuel tank cap has remarkable locking power and strong construction, granting a firm and dependable seal. Constructed from resilient plastic, this premium quality lock comes in the conventional black hue.

The Stant Regular Locking Gas Cap comes with two keys for access. Additionally, the high-security locking gas cap is equipped with a movable locking system that can be disengaged without getting stuck. All you have to do is move the cap and it locks in place automatically.

Stant Fuel caps feature a design that makes them suitable for practically any fuel tank and offer complete protection against fuel theft and vandalism. If you have been losing fuel through excessive usage, this gas cap provides an effective solution and can help you save gallons of fuel in no time.

If you’re looking to switch out your stock fuel cap, this aftermarket one is a great choice. We put it on our car and the results were fantastic. It is the same as the factory-provided original equipment.

Gates Gasoline Container Stopper

This product from Gates is designed to provide a secure closure for a fuel tank. It is created to guarantee a tight seal, preventing liquid from escaping and keeping the tank’s contents safe. The cap is reliable and durable, making sure that it will not easily be broken or damaged. Its construction also ensures that it will last for a long period of time.

For a cost-effective gas cap that is also tough and long-lasting, the top pick is the Gates 31836. This product is made in China from strong plastic and is constructed to meet OEM standards.

The threads of the gas cap filler are sufficiently lengthy to seal the fuel tank fully. This helps to block any escape route of gasoline vapors from the tank to the environment, thus preventing evaporation of molecules. Furthermore, the fuel cap is specially designed as an emission control system to make it completely secure.

This fuel tank cap is designed to fit almost any vehicle and comes with a valve. Unlike with other locking gas caps, you don’t have to worry about the fuel door closing when you use this one.

The Gates 313836 gas cap provides an impenetrable seal that is operated with two keys. The operation of the keys is effortless, unlocking and locking swiftly with minimal effort. Additionally, installation of the locking cap is quickly accomplished by simply spinning the cap to the right until you hear a distinctive click.

If we take a journey, the risk of fuel theft and destruction is likely to be an issue. To solve this problem, we suggest that our clients obtain this product and switch it with the gas cap installed by our company. This product is particularly recommended due to its secure and tight closure.

Jeep Locking Fuel Cap Offered by Allmotorparts

Jeep owners can trust the Allmotor locking gas cap to provide a solution to issues involving fuel filler cap evaporation and engine lights. This product has been specifically designed for all types of jeep models.

The fuel cap is designed to reduce air pollution by up to 99%, thanks to its emission control feature. It is crafted from superior quality, OEM build material for maximum durability.

The tough plastic used to make this locking fuel cap offers a secure seal and helps to keep the fuel tank closed. This can be beneficial in terms of fuel conservation since it could help you save gallons of fuel over a period of 10-20 days.

This lockable gas cap for jeeps is fitted with a cable. All you have to do is rotate the cap to secure it and you’ll hear a clicking noise.

For the last 6 months, we have been employing this product on our Jeep Wrangler to secure the gas tank lid. The outcomes have been remarkable. Should you be in the market for a dependable gas cap for your Jeep, look no further!

ACDelco’s GM Original Locking Fuel Tank Cap: GT139L

The high security locking gas cap from ACDelco is something to be reckoned with. It is composed of superior quality materials and is equipped with a professional threaded cap and valve along with a lengthy filler which ensures a sealed shut fuel tank.

The gas lock cap offers a great equilibrium between the gas vapors inside and out of the tank, preventing them from going through. It is designed to liberate minor pressure when a car encounters an internal jolt in the tank.

The ACDelco GT139L locking gas cap is created to offer 100% security for your fuel. Constructed with hard plastic, it prevents any fuel tank leaks, as well as allowing for easy closure of the fuel door. Additionally, this product is outfitted with advanced technology.

This fuel tank cap comes with two keys, both of which operate very smoothly. Should you lose one, you will still be able to open the fuel tank with the other one. If you need an alternate for your fuel tank cap, a premium quality product with a click to lock is available for purchase.

For the last 12 months, we have employed this top-notch gas cap with lock on one of our cars, and there have been no difficulties encountered with its locking mechanism. Owing to its highly favorable reviews from people all over the world, as well as its contemporary design, we highly recommend this product to our customers.

The MotoRad Lockable Gas Cap

The MotoRad company offers a lockable gas cap that can be used to secure fuel tanks. This product is designed to deter theft of fuel and offer a secure seal on the tank. The cap is easy to install and use, and it provides a high level of security. The lockable fuel cap is made from durable materials and is designed to resist corrosion and other environmental factors.

The MotoRad Locking Fuel Cap is yet another exemplary product from the aforementioned selection. Manufactured to OEM and premium standards, this fuel cap is produced from premium quality materials. It has been tested and meets all the emission standards and safety protocols established by OE suppliers.

The hue of the product is a common black, and it is supplied with two keys that are easily obtained. Furthermore, the gas cap has been reinforced, sealing off the fuel tank from the filler side to diminish air contamination and protect the venting arrangement.

In need of a substitution for your standard fuel cap? This Motorad gas cap, designated mgc795, is an excellent option, as it is equipped with anti-theft and vandalization protection. Furthermore, it is suitable for almost all car models.

You can quickly and securely seal the fuel cap onto the gas tank due to the presence of a safety valve. The design ensures it is simple to close the fuel doors.

We strongly recommend the MotoRad locking fuel cap for its convenience and priority. If you are looking for a fuel cap with great features and capabilities, this product is an ideal choice.

The above list of locking fuel tank caps has made it clear how significant these accessories are. Not only do they keep your fuel safe, but they also prevent your vehicle from theft.

When seeking the ultimate product, ACDelco GT139L is the ideal choice for secure protection. An additional option is Motorad, which is constructed from top-notch materials and provides a secure atmosphere.

When making a purchase for a locking fuel tank/gas cap, it is important to consider the construction and locking mechanism. There are several advantages associated with this product and it is recommended that you purchase one.